2021 Film Week: Intertidal Climate Change with Dr. Isabel Rivera-Collazo

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What can mollusks tell us about our changing climate?

MBC students during the 2021 summer session zoomed in on Dr. Isabel Rivera-Collazo for film week. The film explores how her experiences growing up in extreme weather conditions in Puerto Rico inspired a professional career marine science, focusing on climate change impacts.

Student filmmakers interviewed Isabel on the importance of small intertidal organisms, and how they can illustrate global climate change.

Watch the full Film on Dr Isabel here.

Isabel is an Assistant Professor on Biological, Ecological and Human Adaptations to Climate Change at the Department of Anthropology and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, as well as the Director of the SIO Human Ecology Laboratory.

You can learn more about all the work Isabel Rivera-Collazo does here.

This student film was made by:

Brooke Dixon (MBC 2021)

Sree Gopal (MBC 2022)

Josh Osias (MBC 2021)

Mariela Rios (MBC 2021)

2021 Summer films were made in association with Day’s Edge Productions.