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We encourage students to explore an array of funding opportunities to support their investment in the MAS MBC Program. 

Program Cost

Our program is self-supporting and does not receive state funding, which means your tuition stays within the MAS MBC Program and your dollars contribute directly to supporting your learning experience.

The cost of the MAS MBC Program is approximately $43,358, which includes all program instruction, administrative fees, and health insurance. This estimated program cost does not include books, parking, incidentals, housing or transportation costs.

While MAS MBC students are eligible for federal loans, scholarships, grants and fellowships, teacher assistant (TA) and graduate assistant (GA) positions are not available during the course of the program.


Estimated 2023-2024

Tuition ($741/unit)


Campus fees


Mandatory UCSD health insurance*




*Health insurance is required as a condition of enrollment. Students covered by an alternative insurance plan may qualify for a health fee waiver. 

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Funding Opportunities

There are many external scholarship opportunities available and we encourage prospective students to apply broadly.
Some scholarships have deadlines that may be earlier than the MAS MBC Program application deadline, so please begin your search early! Although not exhaustive, we have compiled a large and frequently updated list of scholarships and fellowships related to marine conservation to kickstart your search.

Additional funding options include:

MAS MBC Scholarships

We offer a limited number of dedicated scholarships for students applying to the MAS MBC program. There are two distinct categories of scholarship funds that each require separate essays:

Enhanced Educational Opportunity Scholarship: The purpose of this funding is to increase access for individuals from underserved communities who would otherwise not have the ability to participate in this educational opportunity.

The following factors will be considered: 1) student has successfully overcome significant educational, social, cultural or economic disadvantage or adversity; 2) student has unique circumstances, personal or professional experiences, skills or talents that would benefit others and would enhance the diversity of the MAS MBC Program or Scripps campus; and/or 3) student has shown a deep commitment to working with others in the field of marine conservation through such activities as mentoring and volunteering, especially in social justice and anti-racism.

The specific race, ethnicity, gender or national origin of a nominee is not considered in selection, although barriers resulting from these personal circumstances are considered.

To apply, students should submit a 250-word essay that addresses the three factors outlined above, in addition to the impact that a scholarship would have in allowing them to pursue this educational opportunity. The essay should be submitted as a PDF along with a student's application for the MAS MBC Program.

Marine Science and Policy Leadership Scholarship: The purpose of this funding is to recruit and secure enrollment of individuals who have demonstrated commitment and leadership within the fields of marine science and policy.

The following factors will be considered: 1) student has shown a deep commitment to marine conservation through significant professional experience as a scientific researcher, policy advocate, or through other ocean-related work; 2) student has significant personal experience as a diver, sailor, naturalist or other activity that demonstrates a commitment to marine conservation; 3) student has significant academic experience in biology, ecology, policy or another field that is related to marine conservation; and/or 4) a student’s undergraduate GPA.

To apply, students should submit a 250-word essay that addresses the four factors outlined above. The essay should be submitted as a PDF along with a student's application for the MAS MBC Program. 

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Military & Veteran Support

Active duty service members and veterans will find a comprehensive support network throughout San Diego. Twelve prominent military installations across the county provide personnel services, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) facilities, medical care, commissary, and exchange benefits. Additional campus resources include: