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MAS MBC graduates become part of a tight-knit alumni network of successful and supportive ocean leaders.

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2020-2021 Cohort
Graduates Since 2005
CA Sea Grant Fellows Since 2013
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Knauss Policy Fellows Since 2006
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Our Alumni

Within one year of graduation, 92% of graduates from the 2019 MAS cohort have secured satisfying, challenging positions as directors, managers, scientists, fellows, specialists and more, in the field of conservation. These employment statistics and titles reflect the powerful training, expertise and guidance our students receive while in the MAS MBC Program, as well as the broad professional network our students build while here. Combined with our top-quality reputation, our graduates are marketable and competitive for conservation leadership opportunities around the world.

Upon graduation, our alumni secure meaningful, challenging and satisfying positions across the globe with a wide range of employers. Over 60 percent of our alumni find jobs in California, while the rest are located throughout the U.S. and internationally. Many graduates go on to work for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local, state and federal agencies. Some secure prestigious fellowships with the California Sea Grant or Knauss Marine Policy programs, which offer one-year placements at key California ocean agencies and with federal agencies and legislators in Washington, D.C., respectively. Other alumni go into science communication or education, while some launch innovative businesses or pursue PhD programs.

Graduates of our program join an established and extensive MAS MBC alumni network that stitches together some of the most effective ocean thought leaders of our time. This influential alliance of marine conservation professionals provides a critical venue for mentorship, connection, and shared expertise.

With the knowledge, training and professional network gained during the MAS MBC Program and after, our alumni have everything they need to succeed in finding interdisciplinary, collaborative solutions to our world's most pressing ocean challenges.

See below for a few examples of NGOs, agencies and businesses that employ MAS MBC alumni (current as of July 2020):

Alumni Employment by Sector - 2020

Pie chart of alumni employment by sector

Updated as of July 2020. Exact percentages subject to change.

Alumni Employment by Region - 2020

Pie chart of alumni employment by region

Updated as of July 2020. Exact percentages subject to change.

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