2023 MAS MBC Capstone Symposium

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Please join us for the 2023 MAS MBC Capstone Symposium!

We’ll be holding the event in person on June 13th at the Robert Paine Scripps Seaside Forum. For those who prefer to join remotely, we’ll be broadcasting live from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD.

Learn about 23 innovative, creative and interdisciplinary Master’s Capstone Projects that tackle the most timely and relevant ocean and coastal challenges of our time. Students have integrated and applied the knowledge and experiential learning gained over the past year of graduate coursework with focused and compelling self-directed research.

On June 13th, they will present their research findings, papers, films, performances and more. You won’t want to miss it!

2023 MAS MBC Capstone Symposium

When: June 13th from 9:00am – 5:30pm

What: 23 MAS MBC Capstone presentations.

Full schedule: https://tinyurl.com/23MBCAgenda

Watch Remotely: 2023 MBC Symposium Livestream is below, and the link to watch is here. 

Bonus! Send us your live questions and get them answered in real time by students!

Within the U.S., text questions to: (619) 940-7198

International viewers should WhatsApp questions to: (+1) 619 940 – 7198

If you are interested in financially supporting prospective and incoming students to directly benefit ambitious early and mid-career professionals who may not otherwise be able to access our graduate program, please consider donating here. 

This year’s presentation titles include:

  • The Wealth of Wetlands: An Economic Valuation of San Diego’s Dynamic Edge

  • Uncharted Depths: Mapping a Course for Equitable Exploration of the Global Deep Ocean

  • The Circular Directory – Closing the Loop on Single-Use to Reuse, a One Stop Shop for Restaurants to Make a Sustainable Transition

  • Dancing with Chaos: A Creative Exploration of Oceanic Turbulence from the Perspective of Plankton

  • Heritage at Risk: Assessing Climate Vulnerability in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Swim Down: Finding Neurodivergent Identity in the Depths

  • Voices of Island Guardians: A story of Shark-Human Coexistence & The Rising Shark Tourism Industry in Fuvahmulah, Maldives

  • Eight Oceans: Driving Conservation Engagement Through Gamification of Ocean Policy

  • A Living Marine Protected Area: Designing a Marine Management Plan as a Story Map for the Reserve of Santa Luzia, Cabo Verde

We hope to see you there!