Scripps Collections in MBC Films

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Scripps Institution of Oceanography is home to one of the largest and oldest marine and geological repositories in the world.

The collections are used by researchers, faculty, government agencies, artists, and our very own MAS MBC students. Students are given the opportunity to tour, learn and work with the Collections to see how these jars of specimens are not static or passive, but rather a dynamic source of data and inspiration.

Here are some of the most creative ways MBC students have engaged with Scripps Collections:

MBC students in 2021 Summer Film Festival did a short film on Ben Frable, the Collections manager of the Marine Vertebrates collection at Scripps, and it was the winning film!

This profile on Ben Frable was made by Kat Montgomery (MBC class of 2019) Chloé Gouache (MBC class of 2021) Annie Roberts (MBC class of 2022) Griffin Garner (MBC class of 2022) Melissa Chiang (MBC class of 2021)

Another Collections inspired film: MBC Students in 2022 made a film short on Charlotte Seid, the Benthic Invertebrates collections Manager.

Life in Jars was made by: Serene Cheng, Stephanie Y. Martínez (PIER PhD), Melisa Rodriguez (MBC class of 2023), Nathan Yancheff (MBC class of 2023)

MAS MBC 2022-2023 Students were SO inspired by the collections, they started their own student-club, Art in the Archives. Art in the Archives has provided a space for students from all over Scripps to explore the collections, as curated by Dr. Charlotte Seid, and take inspiration from them for their own artistic expressions.

Art in the Archives was founded by Kelly Drummond & Lilianna Watson, and this film was made by Lorea Dandoy, all MAS MBC class of 2023.

You can see the rest of our 2021 & 2022 Summer Films on our @ScrippsMASMBC Youtube channel, and you can learn more about the Scripps Collections here.